2L Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

As Low As £29.95

The Firechief XTR 2 litre Wet Chemical extinguisher is designed for use on Class F fires involving cooking oils and fats. The Wet Chemical rapidly knocks the flames out, cools the burning oil and seals the surface to prevent re-ignition. Independent fire tests have established that it is capable of extinguishing 25 litres of burning cooking oil. The extinguisher is easy to use, producing a gentle but highly effective spray which helps prevent oil splashing on to the user. It is supplied with a Wire Bracket for secure mounting.

  • Approved to BS EN3
  • High performance rating including A, B and F fires
  • Supplied complete with bracket
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Internal polyethylene lining
  • Squeeze grip operation
  • Approved to 35kV dielectric test
  • MED approved