GITD To Be Kept Unlocked - Square

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GITD To Be Kept Unlocked - Square
Sign Type:
Mandatory Sign
Sign Reads:
This Door To Remain Unlocked During Working Hours
Sizes Available:
Photoluminescent Self Adhesive Vinyl or Photoluminescent Rigid Plastic (Glow In The Dark)
Glow In The Dark Properties:
Our signs exceed the requirements for Class B (for office buildings etc.) of the PSBA (Photoluminescent Safety Products Association) rating scheme and are made using non-toxic, non-radioactive pigments on PVC board. When tested in accordance with DIN 67510 Pt1, the performance of the material is such that the glow takes 20 hours to fade to the limit of dark-adapted human eyesight (0.32mcd/m2). After 1 hour our signs emit >10mcd/m2 against the Class B standard of 7mcd/m2 and at 2 minutes they emit 550mcd/m2vs. the Class B requirement of 210mcd/m2.
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