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Fire Safety & Emergency

  1. Fire Extinguishers
    Fire Extinguishers
    Maximise safety and security in emergency situations with the correct fire extinguisher
    As low as: £11.00
  2. Fire Log Books
    Fire Log Books
    Enable employers to document fire safety management responsibilities
    As low as: £3.95
  3. Fire Blankets
    Fire Blankets
    Ideal for oil fires in kitchens and smothering burning clothing
    As low as: £6.75
  4. Fire Safety Accessories
    Fire Safety Accessories
    A range of excellent fire safety accessories to go along with our extinguishers and other fire safety & emerge...
    As low as: £1.95
  5. Fire Door Signs
    Fire Door Signs
    All fire doors must display a 'Fire Door, Keep Shut' sign to conform to regulations
    As low as: £0.30
  6. Fire Exit Signs
    Fire Exit Signs
    Fire Exit Signs are a legal requirement in commercial buildings and provide guidance to the nearest exit in an...
    As low as: £0.60
  7. Fire Action Notices
    Fire Action Notices
    Fire Action Notices provide essential information regarding action to be taken in the event of a fire or any e...
    As low as: £1.30
  8. Fire Equipment Signs
    Fire Equipment Signs
    Fulfil legal obligations by ensuring fire equipment is adequately indicated
    As low as: £0.60
  9. Foil Blankets
    Foil Blankets
    Keep those suffering from injuries warm and comfortable in an emergency
    As low as: £0.35
Why Is Fire Safety So Vital?

No matter if you are in a workplace or at home, taking fire precautions is vital for your safety. Fires can happen in the blink of an eye and if you have all the correct safety products avaiable, you can significantly reduce the risk of, or even stop, a fire. Having the correct fire safety equipment can help prevent the loss of contents, premises and even life. We have a huge range of fire safety products which are ideal for different locations such as schools, warehouses, offices, hospitals and homes.

If you are unsure of the best fire safety products for you, please call our helpful sales team who can help find the ideal products for your requirements. 

How Do I Maintain General Fire Safety?
  • It is important to have good general housekeeping in the home or workplace.
  • Always remember to keep ignition sources away from flammable materials/gases, combustible material etc.
  • Removing combustible waster regularly.
  • Regular checks on electrical cords throughout building.
  • Turn off electrical appliances at the end of each day.
  • Removing the lint from your washing dryer filter after every use.
  • Remember to always properly extinguish smoking materials after use.
  • Have your heating system serviced regularly by a professional.
Who Is Legally Responsible For Fire Safety In The Workplace?

If you are in a business or other non-domestic premises, the employer, owner, landlord, occupier or building manager is legally responsible for fire safety in the workplace. Usually a person/persons are assigned as the “responsible person” who will take on the necessary procedures for fire safety for the rest of the staff. These responsibilities include:

  • carry out a fire risk assessment of the premises and review it regularly
  • tell staff or their representatives about the risks you’ve identified
  • put in place, and maintain, appropriate fire safety measures
  • plan for an emergency
  • provide staff information, fire safety instruction and training
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