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First Aid

It is important for all workplaces to have a first aid kit which is a collection of first aid items you would need in case of an accident. We offer a comprehensive range of first aid kits to suit your needs.  Including a wide range of HSE Compliant Kits and BS8599-1 Compliant Workplace First Aid Kits that comply and exceed HSE recommended contents and comply with the latest British Standards.

  1. First Aid Kits
    First Aid Kits
    Extensive range of first aid kits including our best selling HSE and BS8599-1 compliant first aid kits
    As low as: £2.40
  2. First Aid Stations
    First Aid Stations
    Ensure first aid supplies and information can be easily located
    As low as: £2.70
  3. First Aid Cabinets
    First Aid Cabinets
    Ideal for bulk storage of first aid, supplied empty or with fully compliant contents
    As low as: £21.95
  4. Plasters
    A comprehensive range of first aid plasters at a variety of price points
    As low as: £1.70
  5. Dressings
    A range of dressings to fulfil the statutory requirement for compliant first aid kits
    As low as: £0.50
  6. First Aid For Eyes
    First Aid For Eyes
    Essential first aid for eyes - ideal for use in emergencies
    As low as: £0.60
  7. Bandages
    Ideal for providing dressing retention and supporting injured limbs
    As low as: £0.65
  8. First Aid Wipes
    First Aid Wipes
    A full range of wipes for wound cleansing and hard surface cleaning
    As low as: £3.95
  9. First Aid Sundries
    First Aid Sundries
    Ideal for assisting in a wide range of everyday medical applications
    As low as: £0.50
  10. First Aid For Burns
    First Aid For Burns
    A complete range of first aid products for treating burns and scalds
    As low as: £2.20
  11. Tapes
    Microporous tapes, plastic strappings and zinc oxide tapes in a variety of sizes
    As low as: £2.15
  12. Resuscitation Products
    Resuscitation Products
    Extensive range of resuscitation products suitable for first response and casualty handling
    As low as: £0.35
  13. Casualty Handling
    Casualty Handling
    A range of equipment to aid casualty handling tasks including variety of chairs, stretchers and blankets
    As low as: £16.00
  14. Wound Cleansing
    Wound Cleansing
    Irrigate, protect and seal wounds with a selection of unique systems
    As low as: £17.95
  15. Hot & Cold Therapy
    Hot & Cold Therapy
    Hot and cold therapy is an effective treatment for a range of minor muscular injuries
    As low as: £0.75
  16. Defibrillators
    Having a lifesaving defibrillator on site is essential for ensuring that quick action is taken in the event of...
    As low as: £1.45
  17. Medical Room Equipment
    Medical Room Equipment
    A range of medical couches, screens and cabinets ideal addition for medical rooms
    As low as: £21.95
  18. Drug & Alcohol Testing
    Drug & Alcohol Testing
    Allows quick & easy testing for illegal drugs & alcohol
    As low as: £7.85
  19. Foil Blankets
    Foil Blankets
    Keep those suffering from injuries warm and comfortable in an emergency
    As low as: £0.35
  20. Accident Books
    Accident Books
    Accident Books are a legal requirement for all businesses and schools
    As low as: £2.45
What Are The Legal Requirement For First Aid In Your Workplace?

All employers must provide adequate equipment and facilities to make sure all their employees receive the correct first aid if someone becomes ill or injured in the workplace. The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 apply to everyone in a workplace, including the self-employed. These regulations do not place a legal duty of employers to give first aid to non-employees such children in schools or public.

What First Aid Kit Should I Have?

First aid kits can vary depending on that nature of your business or personal need. We sell a huge range of different first aid kits to suit your need. All of our HSE and BS85991 Compliant Kits comply with the recommended content as set out in HSE First Aid regulations. We also have a large range of catering, school, vehicle, burns and home first aid kits available.

How Many First Aiders Do I Legally Need For My Workplace?
Type Of WorkplaceMaximum No. of Employees at any one timeNo. of Occupational First Aiders
Factories, Construction Sites, Surface Mines and Quarries    Up to 49 1 if safety statement risk assessment shows it to be necessary
50 - 149 Minimum 1
150 - 299 Minimum 2
> 300 1 Extra for every 150 employees or part thereof
Underground Mines - 1 for every 10 employees or part thereof
Other Workplaces    Up to 99 1 if safety statement risk assessment shows it to be necessary
100 - 399 Minimum 1
400 - 699 Minimum 2
> 700 1 Extra for every 300 employees or part thereof
What Is An AED?

An AED is a defibrillator which is a device that delivers an electric shock to the heart muscle through the chest wall in order to restore a normal heart rate.

An AED is a portable defibrillator designed for anyone to be able to use with someone who is having a cardiac arrest.

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