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First Aid Kits

  1. BS8599-1 Compliant First Aid Kits
    BS8599-1 Compliant First Aid Kits
    BS8599-1 kits contain the required contents of a Workplace First Aid Kit
    As low as: £6.10
  2. HSE Compliant First Aid Kits
    HSE Compliant First Aid Kits
    Cost effective first aid kits which offer basic compliance with HSE first aid guidelines
    As low as: £4.95
  3. Personal First Aid Kits
    Personal First Aid Kits
    First aid kits for lone workers, first aiders and for use around the home
    As low as: £4.95
  4. Vehicle First Aid Kits
    Vehicle First Aid Kits
    A range of first aid kits to comply with various vehicle legislation
    As low as: £9.05
  5. Workplace First Aid Kits
    Workplace First Aid Kits
    Cost effective HSE and BS8599-1 first aid kits for your workplace
    As low as: £4.95
  6. Burns First Aid Kits
    Burns First Aid Kits
    First aid kits for burns, scalds and sunburn ensure you workplace is prepared
    As low as: £18.30
  7. Offsite & Lone Worker First Aid Kits
    Offsite & Lone Worker First Aid Kits
    HSE recommended first aid content for employees working off-site
    As low as: £4.95
  8. Home First Aid Kits
    Home First Aid Kits
    Offer general first aid supplies for the home
    As low as: £5.50
  9. Catering First Aid Kits
    Catering First Aid Kits
    Food hygiene first aid kits with blue contents ideal for catering environments
    As low as: £8.15
  10. Office First Aid Kits
    Office First Aid Kits
    A range of HSE and BS8599-1 compliant first aid kits ideal for your office
    As low as: £4.95
  11. Response First Aid Kits
    Response First Aid Kits
    Comprehensive kits designed to be used in emergency first response situations
    As low as: £30.50
  12. Empty First Aid Boxes
    Empty First Aid Boxes
    A range of empty first aid boxes and bags to build your own kits
    As low as: £2.40
What Should Be In A First Aid Kit?

What you have in your first aid kit depends on the location of the kit and how many people it is required for. There are howver, a few essentials that you should always have to hand. These include:

  • Gloves - Very important for first aid kits and necessary to carry out hygienic first aid. Most of our kits have individually wrapped gloves that are well-fitted allowing for a good grip whilst providing first aid.
  • Wipes - Can be used to clean both the wound and first aider’s hand and should always be among your first aid kit.
  • Dressings - For wounds ranging from minor cuts and scrapes to larger more serious injuries you will need a variety of dressings in your first aid kit.
  • Plasters - All of our kits include hypoallergenic plasters, an absolute first aid essential.

We have a range of top quality first aid kits, starting from just £3.15.

What Should Be In Your First Aid Kit At Work?

The exact needs for first aid boxes at work will vary depending on the nature of the business. All of our HSE and BS8599-1 Compliant Kits comply or exceed the recommended content as set out in HSE First Aid regulations. Some of our first aid kits come with wall brackets making them easy to store in your workplace. Most of our aluminum kits are lockable and come with a spare pair of keys. 

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