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We have a large range of top quality platers ideal for a range of different cuts and grazes. We have blue plasters, commonly used when working with food to help detect if it falls off, to waterproof, fabric, children's and assorted sized. As well as the traditional platers we have specialist’s platers such as spray on, blister pads and finger extension plasters. Whatever you are looking for, we’re sure we have the right product for you. Come and take a look at our wide range today.

  1. Assorted Plasters
    Assorted Plasters
    Assorted sizes and shapes are suitable for a variety of cuts and grazes
    As low as: £1.70
  2. Fabric Plasters
    Fabric Plasters
    Tough fabric construction is ideal for heavy duty applications
    As low as: £3.95
  3. Blue Detectable Plasters
    Blue Detectable Plasters
    Highly visible blue plasters with metal detectable strip beneath the wound pad
    As low as: £3.95
  4. Washproof Plasters
    Washproof Plasters
    High quality backing material is resistant to water and other liquids
    As low as: £3.55
  5. Wound Closure Strips
    Wound Closure Strips
    A range of highly effective wound closure strips provide superior results
    As low as: £5.40
  6. Clear Plasters
    Clear Plasters
    Suitable for all skin tones, these water-resistant plasters stay on when wet
    As low as: £4.00
  7. Specialist Plasters
    Specialist Plasters
    A range of plasters and treatments for more specialist wounds and applications
    As low as: £1.95
  8. Plaster Dispensers
    Plaster Dispensers
    Plaster dispensers provide easier and faster access to the plasters
    As low as: £9.10
  9. Dressing Strips
    Dressing Strips
    Non-sterile dressing strips that can be cut to the exact length required
    As low as: £5.35
  10. Children's Plasters
    Children's Plasters
    A selection of colourful, fun plasters for children and bigger kids!
    As low as: £4.75
  11. Blister Plasters & Treatment
    Blister Plasters & Treatment
    Specifically for treating existing blisters and providing an ideal healing environment
    As low as: £1.95
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