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Hand Sanitation

Your hands touch so many surfaces through the day is it important for workplaces to have hand sanitation products, such as anti-bacterial soap in all bathrooms, as well as sanitiser and dispensers throughout your building.  Hand hygiene is essential tin preventing the spread of germs and bacteria, as well as ensuring the overall health of your hands. We have a large comprehensive range of hand sanitation products, such as wipes, soaps, travel hand sanitisers and creams to help keep germs at bay.

  1. Alcohol Based Sanitisers
    Alcohol Based Sanitisers
    Provides thorough cleansing and disinfection of hands swiftly
    As low as: £2.40
  2. Alcohol Free Hand Sanitisers
    Alcohol Free Hand Sanitisers
    Gentler cleaning products, containing no alcohol, solvents or bleach
    As low as: £0.80
  3. Soaps & Hand Wash
    Soaps & Hand Wash
    Hand soaps in a variety of formats to suit your needs
    As low as: £2.95
  4. Hand Wipes
    Hand Wipes
    Ideal for use when traditional hand washing facilities are not available
    As low as: £6.65
  5. Barrier Creams & Moisturisers
    Barrier Creams & Moisturisers
    Soothe dry or sore skin and keep hands soft and supple
    As low as: £6.95
  6. Hand Cleaning Dispensing Systems
    Hand Cleaning Dispensing Systems
    Strong and hardwearing dispensers for economical use
    As low as: £12.00
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