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Security & Storage

  1. Dummy CCTV Cameras
    Dummy CCTV Cameras
    Professional looking replica CCTV cameras that can be used indoors or outdoors
    As low as: £39.50
  2. Key Cabinets
    Key Cabinets
    Range of key cabinets for the safe storage of emergency keys or multiple keys
    As low as: £29.00
  3. Lockers & Cupboards
    Lockers & Cupboards
    Large range of lockers and cupboards for safe and secure storage of goods
    As low as: £39.77
  4. Hazardous Storage
    Hazardous Storage
    Flame resistant and COSHH storage cabinets, ideal for the safe storage of hazardous chemicals
    As low as: £125.00
  5. Medicine & Drug Cabinets
    Medicine & Drug Cabinets
    Secure and convenient storage solutions for first aid supplies
    As low as: £215.00
  6. Security Mirrors
    Security Mirrors
    Wide range of durable security and traffic mirrors for monitoring areas and avoiding accidents by allowing dri...
    As low as: £29.95
  7. Small Parts Storage
    Small Parts Storage
    Ideal for the storage of small items and use with louvre panels and racks
    As low as: £1.00
What Are The Benefits Of Having A Safe In Your Home Or Workplace?

A safe can protect valuables, making it practically impossible for a bulger to steal them. Most insurance companies will lower your insurance premium if you have a good safe within your property. A huge benefit of having a safe is that it will give you peace of mind leaving important documents or items in your property.

Key Points For Workplace Security
  • All employees must make workplace security a priority.
  • Make sure all staff understand the workplace security policies and do your part as an employer to support them.
  • Take precautions for the safety of your valuable assets in the workplace, i.e.- security cameras, safes, storage lockers.
How Do I Choose The Correct Safe For My Workplace Or Home?

Safes come in a range of different sizes and ratings. If you are protecting cash or other valuables in your safe we recommend you have a safe that is bolted to the floor or wall for added protection.

The safe will greatly help protect your cash or valuables from thieves. There are different ratings for safes, all ratings are classified by the quality of the safe and how secure they are against theft.

Why Would I Need A Fireproof Cabinet?

Fireproof cabinets are often used for people who want valuable items to have a high level of protection, even in a case of a fire. Items which are usually used in fireproof cabinets are wills, passports, birth certificates, confidential documents or any valuables.

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