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Disposable Gloves

If you are looking for cost effective, high quality disposable gloves then look no further. We have an extensive range of medical and industrial grade disposable gloves. Available in a wide range of materials including Nitrile, Latex, Vinyl, Rubber and Polythene to suit your need.

  1. Nitrile Gloves
    Nitrile Gloves
    Nitrile provides superior resistance to chemicals and is suitable for users with Latex allergy
    As low as: £2.75
  2. Vinyl Gloves
    Vinyl Gloves
    Vinyl is less elastic than nitrile and latex, giving it a looser fit and smooth, comfortable feel
    As low as: £2.00
  3. Latex Gloves
    Latex Gloves
    Natural Latex disposable gloves offer exceptional user comfort
    As low as: £2.95
  4. Cotton & Mixed Fibre Gloves
    Cotton & Mixed Fibre Gloves
    Commonly used for performing quality inspections, such as valeting and light handling applications
    As low as: £0.35
  5. Polythene Gloves
    Polythene Gloves
    An economical glove solution for undertaking frequent messy tasks
    As low as: £0.50
  6. Gauntlets & Rubber Gloves
    Gauntlets & Rubber Gloves
    Designed specifically for household cleaning and janitorial tasks and supplied with soft lining for improved u...
    As low as: £0.55
What Are Disposable Gloves Made From?

Disposable gloves are made from a range of different materials, depending on what you need them for. The most comment materials are Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl and Polythene.

I’m Allergic To Latex, What Gloves Should I Use As An Alternative?

Latex gloves have now evolved and many have undergone a process called ‘Chlorination’ – whereby gloves are treated with Chlorine and Water, then neutralised with Ammonia.This process creates a smooth inner surface and reduces normal allergies the skin would usually feel from latex. As an complete alternative to Latex, you can use Vinyl or Nitrile gloves as they contain no latex proteins at all.

What Is The Difference Between Powdered Latex Gloves And Non-Powdered?

Powdered gloves have cornstarch added to them to help the users hand slide into the glove to ease donning.

Is Vinyl, Nitrile Or Latex Stronger, In Terms Of Protection?

Vinyl gloves are not as strong as Latex or Nitrile gloves in terms of their puncture resistance. Vinyl gloves are mostly used for non-medical purposes, whereas Nitrile and Latex tend to be used more in the medical professions. 

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