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Eye Protection

It is vital to protect eyes in the workplace. Safety goggles are a necessity when working in environments that have chemical and airborne hazards. From construction workers to dentists, to gardeners, eye protection is spread across many different professions. We have a large range of different eye protection products that are suited to whatever profession you are in.

  1. Safety Glasses
    Safety Glasses
    Safety glasses with a variety of lens types and specifications for different looks and hazards
    As low as: £1.05
  2. First Aid For Eyes
    First Aid For Eyes
    First aid essentials for the emergency treatment of eye injuries to reduce damage caused by accidents
    As low as: £0.60
  3. Safety Glasses Accessories
    Safety Glasses Accessories
    Ensure your safety eyewear is kept safe with our range of safety glasses accessories
    As low as: £0.54
What Are The Most Common Causes For Workplace Eye Injuries:
  • Work Tools
  • Chemicals
  • Flying Objects; such as glass, metal
  • Radiation
  • Particles
What Can I Do To Help Prevent Eye Injuries?

Go through all the potential eye hazards with your employers and make sure you have a full assessment before starting work. Once working, make sure you eliminate any dangers to make it safer to work and always make sure you are wearing proper eye protection. 

When Should I Protect My Eyes At Work?

Any time you think there is a potential hazard which may damage the eyes. 

What Type Of Safety Eyewear Is Available To Me?
  • Non-prescription and prescription safety glasses
  • Goggles
  • Faceshields
  • Welding Helmets
  • Full-Face Respirators
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