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Head Protection

It’s not just safety helmets, hard hats and bump caps that are important health and safety considerations. Employers should also display health and safety signs to advise personnel of the need to wear head protection in environments where there is a risk of falling objects, collapsing structures, protruding extensions or restricted head space.

  1. Safety Helmets
    Safety Helmets
    Protect the head from accidental injuries from falling objects or overhead hazards
    As low as: £1.75
  2. Head Protection Signage
    Head Protection Signage
    Make employees and visitors aware of the head protection equipment required and warn them of possible dangers
    As low as: £0.60
  3. Bump Caps
    Bump Caps
    Designed as a safeguard against accidental bumping or scraping of the head whilst maintaining style
    As low as: £4.85
What Are The Legal Requirements For Head Protection In The Workplace?

To find out all the legal requirements for head protection click here.

What Is The Shelf Life Of An Industrial Safety Helmet?

This is a tricky question, although there is no official shelf life for an industrial safety helmet in the European standard, it is advised to use common sense. You should regularly inspect both the helmet shell and its harness for signs of wear and tear.

How Can I Test My Hard Hat To Ensure My Safety?

To check your helmet is still safe to use, hold the hat upside down and squeeze the two sides together. If you hear a cracking sound then it is time to replace the entire hard hat to prevent impact injuries.

What Should I Look For When Inspecting My Hard Hat?

You should inspect your helmet before every use. Look for dents, abrasions and cuts in the shell. If the integrity of the helmet is comprimised then you must replace it to ensure you are protected and compliant

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