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Protective Disposable Clothing

To keep a high level of hygiene and safety within the workplace, protective clothing is essential. There are an array of different industries and working environments where disposable protective clothing is required, such as care workers, hospitals, dentists and kitchen workers. We have a fantastic range, varying from disposable gloves, shoe covers, over sleeves, beard masks, hair caps, overalls and more. All our disposable clothing provides protection against a wide range of common hazards and limits the risk of cross contamination.

  1. Overshoes
    Offer excellent protection for both the wearers own footwear as well as the floors being walked on
    As low as: £2.10
  2. Disposable Headwear
    Disposable Headwear
    Secures hair and minimises the risk of contamination
    As low as: £2.40
  3. Visitor & Lab Coats
    Visitor & Lab Coats
    Ideal protection for visitors and employees
    As low as: £13.55
  4. Protective Clothing Dispensers
    Protective Clothing Dispensers
    Provide easy and organised storage for disposable clothing in your workplace
    As low as: £17.00
Who Needs To Wear Disposable Clothing?

An employer must provide suitable overalls to protect employees from certain workplace hazards that cannot be eliminated. Hazards such as hot water, sparks, metal splashes, flames, acids, oils, grease, blood and body fluids shpuld all be protected against whenever possible.

What Are Coveralls Used For?

Protective disposable clothing is worn solely to protect people from hazards. Many people from the healthcare sector to kitchen staff, mechanics to engineers, all need disposable clothing for certain tasks.

What Is The Law For Protective Disposable Clothing In The Workplace?

To find out all the regulations for workplace disposable clothing click here.

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