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Safety Footwear

Safety footwear such as safety boots and shoes don’t just feature steel toe caps. Within our extensive range of footwear we also offer safety boots which protect against cuts, slips, falling objects, metal and chemical splashes with a range of soles to offer extra grip in most environments. Our range of safety footwear starts with Safety Shoes as low as £12.50 per pair – exceptional value on an essential safety item.

How Do I Pick The Right Safety Footwear?

You have to pick the correct safety footwear by assessing your workplace. Do this by assessing:

  • Risk of objects falling onto feet.
  • Any equipment in the workplace that might roll over the feet.
  • Any sharp objects that might cut the foot.
  • Objects that may penetrate the bottom or side of the foot.
  • Possible exposure to corrosive or irritating substances.
  • Type of walking surface and environmental conditions workers may be exposed to.
How To Evaluate The Risks When Picking The Right Safety Footwear:
  • Check if you will be walking on uneven surfaces or rough terrain.
  • Check if you will be walking in extreme hot or cold.
  • Check if you there are possible places to slip and fall.
  • Check if there will be exposure of the feet to rotating or abrasive machinery.
What Should I Know About The Fit And Care Of Safety Footwear?
  • Try on new boots around midday as feet swell during the day and peak at this time.
  • Boots should have ample toe room.
  • Walk in new footwear to ensure it is comfortable.
  • Do not expect footwear to stretch with wear.
  • Make allowances for extra socks or special arch supports when buying boots.
  • Boots should fit snugly around the heel and ankle when laced.
  • Always lace up boots fully for maximum protection and comfort.
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