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Work Gloves

Work gloves do everything from keeping workers hands warm to protecting them against impacts, vibrations and abrasions. Our wide range of work gloves features over 200 ranges of gloves from a number of leading brands. Our bestselling Gripper Gloves are available for as low as just 40p – these versatile work gloves provide grip, protection and warmth for workers at an exceptional price.

  1. Gripper Gloves
    Gripper Gloves
    Designed for use in manual handling tasks where strong grip is important
    As low as: £0.75
  2. Cut Resistant Gloves
    Cut Resistant Gloves
    Specifically designed to protect wearer’s hand when working with sharp tools or materials
    As low as: £0.85
  3. Rigger Gloves
    Rigger Gloves
    Heavy duty gloves which typically feature a thick design, usually made with a fabric back and leather palm
    As low as: £0.99
  4. Nitrile Work Gloves
    Nitrile Work Gloves
    Nitrile has excellent resistance to chemicals, cuts, tears and abrasions
    As low as: £0.90
  5. Fingerless Gloves
    Fingerless Gloves
    Protect the hand and allow for delicate operations to be performed
    As low as: £0.75
  6. Needle Resistant Gloves
    Needle Resistant Gloves
    Designed to provide protection from needle stick injuries
    As low as: £19.90
  7. Heat Resistant Gloves
    Heat Resistant Gloves
    Provide protection from dry heat sources up to 350 degrees
    As low as: £3.15
  8. Thermal / Cold Work Gloves
    Thermal / Cold Work Gloves
    Ideal for freezer work or outdoor work during the winter period
    As low as: £1.50
  9. Assembly Line Gloves
    Assembly Line Gloves
    Protect your employee’s hands as well as your products
    As low as: £0.75
  10. Mechanics Gloves
    Mechanics Gloves
    Specifically designed for mechanics to offer full protection to the hands from oil and grease
    As low as: £0.85
  11. Leather Gloves
    Leather Gloves
    Suitable for a wide range of tasks such as general handling and industrial applications
    As low as: £0.99
  12. Waterproof / Oil Work Gloves
    Waterproof / Oil Work Gloves
    Provide outstanding durability and grip in wet and oily conditions
    As low as: £2.30
  13. Cut Resistant Sleeves
    Cut Resistant Sleeves
    Provide extra protection for arms and wrists from cuts and abrasions
    As low as: £3.30
  14. Gardening Gloves
    Gardening Gloves
    A wide range of gloves suitable for a variety of tasks from light weeding to more heavy-duty landscaping
    As low as: £0.99
  15. Gauntlet Gloves
    Gauntlet Gloves
    Designed specifically for household cleaning and janitorial tasks and supplied with soft lining for improved u...
    As low as: £1.65
  16. Anti Vibration Gloves
    Anti Vibration Gloves
    Offer utmost protection against mechanical vibration
    As low as: £15.00
  17. Builders Gloves
    Builders Gloves
    Our wide range of Builders Gloves offer a fantastic choice between Gripper, Cut Resistant, Rigger and Speciali...
    As low as: £0.75
Who Needs To Wear Work Gloves?

Work gloves are used in a large range of different professions. From Engineers to Gardeners, Builders to Warehouse Workers, work gloves will help protect hands from coldness, chemicals and any potential hazards.

How To Pick The Right Glove:

There are many different work gloves to choose from. Think carefully about what type of material and style you want, to make sure you pick the perfect glove for your protection needs:

  • Cut-resistant – These gloves are often made from natural and synthetic fibers which prevent against cuts, lacerations and sometimes punctures.
  • Leather – Leather gloves protect against abrasion.
  • Chemical-resistant – Chemical-resistant gloves are made from a large range of different materials such as latex, nitrile and other rubbers and synthetic materials. These gloves can help prevent chemical burns.
  • Anti-vibration – These gloves will help whilst working with vibrations.
  • Insulated – These gloves contain extra layers of protection, ideal for people working in cold areas or outside. 
What Are Cold Handling Gloves Used For?

Cold handling gloves are vital when working in cold conditions. Hands often get cold first, so it’s good to keep them protected especially when working in freezers, warehouses and working outside in the winter time. Cold handling gloves are designed to give warmth to hands so you can work more effectively in colder conditions. 

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