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Fire Safety Signs

Our range of fire safety signs is fully compliant with Signs & Signals regulations as well as BS5499-2:1986 - Fire safety signs, notices and graphic symbols. Our safety signs are screen printed on quality materials, as such they are clear, highly durable and reflect outstanding value for money.

  1. Fire Exit Signs
    Fire Exit Signs
    Fire Exit Signs are a legal requirement in commercial buildings and provide guidance to the nearest exit in an...
    As low as: £0.60
  2. Fire Door Signs
    Fire Door Signs
    All fire doors must display a 'Fire Door, Keep Shut' sign to conform to regulations
    As low as: £0.30
  3. Fire Equipment Signs
    Fire Equipment Signs
    Fulfil legal obligations by ensuring fire equipment is adequately indicated. Appropriate direction will ensure...
    As low as: £0.60
  4. Fire Action Notices
    Fire Action Notices
    Fire Action Notices provide essential information regarding action to be taken in the event of a fire or any e...
    As low as: £1.30
  5. Fire Extinguisher Signs
    Fire Extinguisher Signs
    Inform visitors and staff how to identify the correct extinguisher in the event of a fire
    As low as: £0.60
  6. Fire Assembly Point Signs
    Fire Assembly Point Signs
    Fulfil a legal requirement for assembly points to be clearly marked in the event of a fire or an emergency
    As low as: £1.10
  7. Double Sided Hanging Signs
    Double Sided Hanging Signs
    Designed to identify escape routes in a fire emergency
    As low as: £1.85
How Do I Know If I Have The Correct Fire Safety Signs?

Premises are required to have fire safety signs to comply with fire safety legislation (Fire Safety Order 2005, British Standards BS 5499 and BS EN ISO 7010). These signs tell employees and visitors what to do if a fire breaks out, where emergency exits are located and remind people not to wedge fire doors open.

Some of the other important fire safety signs make people aware of hazards and risk control within a building. Fire safety signs must be effective if lighting fails and as such, if there is a risk of a blackout during an emergency, many places are required to have photo-luminescent signs. We recommend checking your fire assessment to determine what safety signs you need. 

What Colour Is A Fire Exit Sign?

MANDATORY SIGNS - Signs that require actions or activities that will contribute towards safety. They are circular and BLUE in colour with a symbol or text in white.

SAFE CONDITION SIGNS - These signs indicate exit routes in the event of a fire or emergency. They are rectangular, GREEN in colour with a white symbol or text.

It Is A Legal Requirement To Have A Fire Exit Sign?

All business premises need at least 2 or 3 fire safety signs, or as many as is necessary to ensure safe exit from a building during an emergency. We recommend you review your risk assessment to find out exactly how many your business needs to display. We have a comprehensive range of fire exit signs to suit any evacuation route in your premises. 

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