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Car Park Management

In our car park management section, you will find a range of outdoor solutions that place an emphasis on keeping drivers and pedestrians safe, including line marking equipment, safety signs, cones, barriers and bollards. Car parks can be very dangerous places if the right safety equipment is not used, that’s why we have a large selection of items for you to use to help prevent any unnecessary accidents.

  1. Traffic & Safety Mirrors
    Traffic & Safety Mirrors
    Wide range of durable security and traffic mirrors for monitoring areas and avoiding accidents by allowing dri...
    As low as: £29.95
  2. Line Marking Paint & Tapes
    Line Marking Paint & Tapes
    Create highly visual line markings and messages around all areas of your facility
    As low as: £4.60
  3. Cones
    Ideal for managing parking facilities and restricted areas safely and effectively
    As low as: £6.45
  4. Ramps
    A range of heavy duty speed ramps suitable for outdoor use
    As low as: £22.10
  5. Posts & Bollards
    Posts & Bollards
    Durable and economic range of posts and bollards for blocking areas from cars
    As low as: £35.80
How To Make Your Car Park Safe:
  • Make sure you have a top range CCTV system installed. CCTV is hugely important, often thieves will be deterred by just seeing a camera. Make sure you have them placed in obvious places and in good shot for all the cars. Security cameras are also essential for use in stairwells and poorly lit areas.
  • Have good lighting around the carpark. Using highly reflective paint on the interior of the building is another way to provide better security. It can open up the space and reflect natural and artificial light. Paint is also important for finding your way. Having different colours on each parking level will allow vehicle owners to easily remember where they parked their car.
  • Intercom systems within the carpark are also essential and beneficial in emergency situations. Make sure they are places on each floor on your carpark for customers to use if needed.  
  • Place signs around the carpark to help customers keep their car safe. Such as placing warning signs saying ‘Vehicles/Contents Left At Owners Risk’, for added security. 
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