Defibrillator Maintenance Kit

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Ensuring your defibrillator is in working order with in-date pads and batteries can be the difference between life and death

This complete maintenance kit allows you to introduce simple defibrillator checks to ensure your life-saving equipment is in optimal condition, and demonstrates your commitment to safety and first aid best practices. British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Department for Education (DfE) guidance states that “Schools should ensure that they have a procedure in place for defibrillators to be checked”

  • Track battery and defibrillator pad expiry dates to prompt reorder of critical components before they expire
  • Ensure your life-saving equipment is always in optimal condition ready for use in an emergency
  • Stay compliant with DfE and BHF guidance by implementing a routine AED maintenance procedure
  • Quick and easy way to record essential AED checks so you can quickly access the defibrillator maintenance history
  • Stress free, simple checklist included that's easy to follow
  • Defibrillator Maintenance Poster serves as a quick reference guide, presenting clear and concise information on how a defibrillator can save lives
  • Defibrillator Maintenance Record Book provides the perfect solution for recording your regular maintenance checks and is a convenient A4 size with 50 pages that fits in standard folders and first aid stations
  • Simple, write-on Defibrillator Inspection Tags can be securely attached, simply thread the supplied tamper ties through the pre-punched hole and attach to your defibrillator

  • Save 30% when buying this kit compared to buying each item individually