Vacant/Occupied Sliding Door Sign

As Low As £11.75

Are you looking for an effective and stylish way to clearly label meeting rooms and offices in your building?

Our high-quality, durable sliding door signs are the perfect solution for any business where organisation and privacy are key. With a choice of popular sizes and colour options, these signs will compliment any decor while conveying bold, clear messaging.

  • Avoid interruptions to meetings by clearly indicating signage to show when a room is vacant or occupied
  • Bold eye-catching messages give a professional impression whilst reinforcing key messaging
  • Easy installation means signs can be hung immediately with the supplied self-adhesive tabs (ensure surfaces are clean, dry and flat before applying)
  • Smooth sliding panel with a raised button ensures a quiet and hassle-free operation with no rattling
  • Durable aluminium material provides long-lasting and reliable performance that is resistant to scratches and other forms of wear and tear
  • Wide range of popular sizes and colours allows you to select a complimentary design to suit your business
  • Take advantage of our bulk buy savings and kit out your whole office